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Types of Editing Services

With so much on your plate, it’s not easy to get to the heart of your most important ideas. Don’t waste time on those early drafts. As your collaborator, we’ll be there before you ever put pen to page. We’ll help brainstorm, listen, ask questions  — then work with you to craft your thoughts into themes and arguments that are clear and original expressions. We’ll expand your research where it needs more, and, based on what we discover together, we’ll develop a unity and structure. So when it comes time to write, your mind will be clear, your ideas focused — and you will be ready to create something of meaning.
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Now that you’ve got a draft, you’re ready to craft it into something of significance. With so many possible directions, it can be difficult to know which way to go. You want to write something institutions will find both familiar —  and extraordinary. This is the stage to get that competitive edge. Together, we’ll work to make your work both consistent and expressive. We’ll analyze your structure and organization, suggest changes, and help you make them. We’ll work on language and terminology, assuring your style fits your subject. We’ll help turn your paper into a piece of work that’s not just skillful, but one that turns heads in the academic world.
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You’re near completion, so don’t stop now. In the copyediting stage, we will conform your work to the style of language and structure it needs to get accepted, approved, and recognized. We’ll offer suggestions that can be difficult for an author to see, like consistency in language and grammar. We’ll analyze your style.  We’ll even do the (fun) work for you, checking cross-references and usage of all that pesky English grammar. We will suggest cuts and edits for clarity and consistency. We’ll be on your side to get your big ideas expressed, and your work to come to fruition.
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In life, we can get away with casual days; in academia, there’s no room for error. Let us help ensure your final draft is as professional as any submitted work — and won’t be judged for an incorrect comma or misspelled word. Punctuation, spelling, and language are crucial at this stage.  The rules of grammar and even citations and references can be incredibly difficult to understand, and even more difficult to execute to perfection. Since you’ve got enough to worry about, we deal with the minutia for you. We’ll proof your paper so you can get it saved, printed, and off your desk. You’ll turn in something that exhibits your ideas at their best, and be headed strongly toward your next project — and your future.
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Other Services

Ten-Page Critique: 

A quick evaluation of ten pages. You select the ten — the beginning, that chapter where you’re struggling, the all-important ending — and we’ll review and refine them.

First 50 Critique: 

A thorough examination of the first 50 content pages of your text. This option is for incomplete manuscripts or shorter documents.

Partial Critique:  

You will receive a detailed line-by-line evaluation of the entire manuscript. This option is for incomplete manuscripts or shorter documents ranging from 100-199 pages.

Full Critique: 

You will receive a detailed line-by-line evaluation of the entire manuscript. This option is for complete manuscripts longer than 200 pages.

30-Minute Consultation: 

A quick but thorough conversation to get you going. Brainstorming, problem resolution, questions and answers about writing, and a review of the editing process.

Congratulations! You’ve just finished a draft of your first novel…or you’ve got a great idea for something, but you’re not sure what form it should take. Maybe you have scribbled down dialogue for a play or lines for a poem, but it just doesn’t sound right yet. Call an Editor can help.

Creative writing isn’t easy. Mostly, you’re working on your own, trying to craft and structure your thoughts and words into something with meaning, cohesion, and feeling. Some days it flows, other days you can stare at a blank page (or screen) for hours.  Whatever you do, don’t let it drop – creative words are important.

How to take that next step? You need the right kind of support to get that idea in your head into a draft on the page. Transform that draft into a polished piece of work. And that work into a published manuscript.

Call an Editor offers editing services specifically geared to Creative Writers. Whether you are just starting out on a first draft of fiction, a script, or a poem – or in the final stages of getting ready to send it off for publication — we can help.  We get your ideas flowing, with questions on narrative voice and goals. For early drafts, we offer concrete suggestions on structure and development. When you’ve got a good draft down, we can help with style and consistency, and when you’re set to send it off or share it, we promise to proof it to perfection, allowing your writing the maximum effect on its audience. Most of all, we treat all the work we view with the utmost confidentiality, so you can be assured your ideas will remain your own. Creative writers are the passion and meaning-builders of our society! We will do everything we can to bring your thoughts and ideas to fruition.