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Types of Editing Services

 In the early stages, you need support in analyzing the big ideas and honing them. You need just the essentials in that annual report, only most relevant on your website – anything less means loss of interest, and loss of customers.  We’ll help you shape order out of all the facts and figures. We’ll find the originality in your message, and work with you to develop the ideal way to communicate that in a fundamental and organized document.
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 Instead of using valuable company time on specialty editing, bring us the materials you’ve drafted — the articles, presentations, website copy, and more — and we’ll assist in structuring your work to its most logical, cohesive form. We’ll consider how to create the highest impact on your target audience. We’ll analyze your messaging and your use of language. We’ll be sure everything is inclusive and significant for your audience, and make suggestions on what to leave out. With our help, you’ll get your documents in shape and land an edge over the competition.
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 This is the final opportunity to check and polish before your materials get distributed and examined by an audience. This stage offers a crucial opportunity to review grammar, punctuation, and correct any errors. We can tighten areas that are not communicating the message effectively, and suggest language edits where you can deliver more powerfully and clearly.  As experts in copyediting for businesses, we will also consider the style for your intended audience — whether it’s for publication, internal usage, or external communications — and make certain the style you use is in full compliance. We are committed to bringing your materials up to the required level of professionalism — and beyond.
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In business, there is no good enough. Any draft or report you put out there gets shared with those who matter. Every document has to be perfect. Send us all the written materials you have ready, we can handle it: your annual reports, your newsletters, press releases, and other copy — everything that’s ready for distribution. We know you’re on a schedule. We’ll quickly and skillfully edit to be sure each document is polished and professional, mistake-free, and ready to go out and make an impact.
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Other Services

Ten-Page Critique: 

A quick evaluation of ten pages. You select the ten — the beginning, that chapter where you’re struggling, the all-important ending — and we’ll review and refine them.

First 50 Critique: 

A thorough examination of the first 50 content pages of your text. This option is for incomplete manuscripts or shorter documents.

Partial Critique:  

You will receive a detailed line-by-line evaluation of the entire manuscript. This option is for incomplete manuscripts or shorter documents ranging from 100-199 pages.

Full Critique: 

You will receive a detailed line-by-line evaluation of the entire manuscript. This option is for complete manuscripts longer than 200 pages.

30-Minute Consultation: 

A quick but thorough conversation to get you going. Brainstorming, problem resolution, questions and answers about writing, and a review of the editing process.

Great editing isn’t just helpful for your business – it’s essential. You need to sell products to clients and ideas to employees. You need to communicate your services in understandable, engaging terms.  You need to share your practices and report on outcomes.

Whether you deal in finance, technology, laws, or people, the task is the same. The more you grow, the more materials you need to create. Where do you find the time to ensure that everything you distribute is working efficiently for you?

Call an Editor business editing services are specially geared toward organizations like yours — who want to communicate their message in the most targeted, effective ways, with easy to understand formats and professional final products. We will be your collaborators in growing your organization’s voice. And because we know how competitive the field can be, we always keep your materials and your communication confidential. We can help you with everything from outlining the delivery of your message, to structuring it down to its essentials to perfecting its presentation. So the final draft you put out there exhibits your organization at its absolute best.