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Great Fiction Writing in 5 Easy Steps

Teetering on the Edge of your Author Platform

Standing Up and Standing Out Becoming a successful author requires more than knowing how to write a good book. The key to establishing a strong readership is developing a solid author platform before your work is published. Technology has made this task a lot easier, but the author must be prepared to invest in learning […]

Invite Your Character to Dinner

If a character from your novel or short story were to come alive and show up at your house for dinner, what would they look like? A cardboard cutout? A translucent ghost built only on personality? The embodiment of pure good or pure evil? Perhaps your character is so deep that it would take more […]

10 Ways to Kill your Writing Career using Social Media

Several years ago, I experienced an unpleasant incident where an acquaintance of the family began posting abhorrent statements about me via friends and family’s Facebook pages. The incident stemmed from a perceived slight years before, and I had no knowledge that she even held any animosity toward me. Luckily, the incident was resolved without too much […]

10 Ways to Grow a Blog

You get up at the crack of dawn every morning to write your blog post, eagerly come back at the end of the day to check your stats, and only three people have read your post: Mom, Aunt Marlene, and your best friend, Mike. The same thing happened yesterday and dismayed, you close the laptop […]

Finding Myself on Trail 2

Writer’s block. I had it. It had been weeks since I had really written. I came back from a writer’s conference renewed and eager to finish my novel, but when I sat down the only thing that flowed was my tears. Life got in the way. Annual budgets. Twelve hour work days. Family drama. The […]

To Imitate or Not to Imitate

Talking to many new writers, I often hear, “I want my writing to be pure. I want my own voice…my own style. I purposely do not read other writers.” I could not agree less. Writers need to develop their own voice and style that is fresh and intriguing, but developing that voice through studying the […]

The Best Way to Dump a Body

“Hey, guys, if I throw a body over a bridge along the interstate, how long will it take to get down the Green River to this point?” I point at my map sprawled out on the table in front of us. Carl shakes his head. “I don’t think you can get it that far…too many […]